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Advanced BAT to EXE Converter 2.9

Simple yet efficient developer tool to transform your BAT files into EXE files
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Transforming your DOS batch files into convenient executable Windows files is a simple and easy task to perform thanks to Advanced BAT to EXE Converter. This free software tool is both a BAT file editor and a converter – it allows you to create or modify new and existing batch files and transform them into password-protected EXE files in seconds.

You can either load a BAT file stored on your system or write a new one from scratch. In order to ease the editing process, the program will display every line in the batch file using a color code that will let you spot at a glance comment lines (also known as REM statements), loops, commands and their arguments, typos or warnings, and end of subroutine functions (the famous GOTO :EOF command). To make the creation and editing processes even easier, this free tool comes with a “command wizard” and two “graphic wizards” that will allow you to incorporate new lines to your BAT file in an intuitive way. The former lists more than forty Advanced Commands with their corresponding arguments, while the latter will allow you to “paint” with your mouse graphical elements on a DOS screen and copy to your clipboard the corresponding batch command.

During the BAT to EXE conversion process, you can customize the resulting executable file by selecting the operating system to run on and by adding some interesting metadata, such as the product name, a description, the company, and whatever copyright info you want the final user to take into account when using the EXE file. You can also add an icon to the file, embed other files into the final executable, and even protect your creation with a password, so that only authorized users can execute it. Note that this free tool creates EXE files that can be used on one computer only – if you wish to distribute your executable files further you will need to upgrade to the pro version.

Advanced BAT to EXE Converter is a simple yet efficient tool to upgrade your DOS batch files to Windows executable files. Its intuitive interface and the various wizards it offers make BAT file editing and conversion an easy task at anyone’s reach.

Francisco Martínez
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  • BAT file editor.
  • Color-coded commands in BAT file.
  • Command wizard and graphic wizard for easier BAT coding.
  • Creates EXE files compatible with all Windows versions.
  • Can protect your executable files


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