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Advanced BAT to EXE Converter 4.11

Compile batch scripts into executable files
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Compiles BAT files, encrypts the code and turns them into EXE files that are natively compatible with the Windows environment.

Advanced BAT to EXE converter can create executable files out of a script of commands in text form (BAT). The program encrypts the original code, which keeps every action secret, in such a way that no one can view or change the file's contents. Thus, the executable can safely contain sensitive information like passwords or networking functions.

The program comes with a built-in editor that lets you type in the code or import it from an existing BAT file. Moreover, it is an undeniable advantage that the editor has a wizard to help you use advanced commands. In this regard, there are even color combinations that highlight different types of commands.

Fortunately, the resulting executable file can be digitally signed and such data as product version and developer can also be inserted. Likewise, it is possible to use an identifying icon or even embed other binary files, such as images, sound, and executables. Moreover, you can prevent its unauthorized execution by using a password.

The program also has the advantage of using Intelli-parse technology which supports complex batch files without requiring script changes. Moreover, it allows mouse input while running the executable. Finally, you can even set the output file to run in silent mode, which shows no visual signs of its execution.

All in all, Advanced BAT to EXE Converter may well be the best tool of its type. It is hardly possible that standard users may need this program, as it is recommended mostly for developers. It can come in handy when creating installation packages or automate repetitive tasks. The product can be used for free and there is also a paid version with a few additional features.

Pedro Castro
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  • Encrypts the original code
  • Supports using advanced commands
  • Digitally signed executables
  • Password-protected execution
  • Embeds other binary files
  • Supports complex batch files
  • Creates executables that run in silent mode


  • Not suitable for inexpert users
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