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A great choice to compile your Batch files to EXEs
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Luan Freitas

Luan Freitas Great program, works perfectly and the additional functions are great.

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CoderMan Thank you for making a batch file compiler that is far above the rest.

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DPIERCE Quite honestly, this is the best bat-to-exe program available in my opinion. I've used a few others in the past and eventually always run into problems with the developer not updating it often enough, or at all. I'm currently on version 4.0.5 and the program just works, and works well. I've contacted Brandon (the developer) in the past and found him to be quick with his replies and never condescending; even when I ask stupid questions!  To the developer and the program in general, I give a five well deserved stars.

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CouchPotato Great program!

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RedEyed Rocker (Bidhan Tandukar)

RedEyed Rocker (Bidhan Tandukar) This is by far the best .BAT to .EXE Convertor tool with lots of features! I love this and I would recommend this for every batch programmers to use it!
+5 Stars smile

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Scott Andersen

Scott Andersen This is the easiest, most effective, and cost-efficient converter I have found.

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Ari The example batch file in the compiler menu is actually called "Detect 32bit or 64bit Windows", use this for the maximum compatibility.

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Ari I definitely think it is the best tool to compile 32bit instead of 64bit which would leave your 32bit users without a program (there are still plenty of them).

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Ari Email the developer, if you have any questions. The TaskKill command works for me. Just modify the 32bit/64bit commands example batch file (you are compiling to 32bit but need to use environment variable to use 64bit commands). All other compilers have issues, but this one doesn't and works with all of my batch files. The developer always replies within an hour.

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Guest "Advanced Bat To Exe Converter" does not compile the batch file. Batch is wrapped into the .exe and then extracted to temp.
I've made a test with Process Explorer

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Guest Didn't work with taskkill commands on win64

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Tim Thanks for the help. Quick informative response to my query.

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Chad Cannot believe that I only just now found out about this program! Cool, thanks!

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fuutto Just showing my support for this constantly evolving project.

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Ari Great software. Best of its kind!

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